The weather is warming up and many people are getting into spring-cleaning mode. Be sure not to overlook the maintenance tasks that affect the safety and value of your home. A quick check of vital areas around your house and a bit of work will make a big difference and save you on costly future repairs. Here are five easy and affordable spring home maintenance projects.

Spring Home Maintenance for Gutters

Gutters direct rainwater and snowmelt away from your home and foundation. Blockages from leaves and twigs cause water to back up and spill over the edge of your gutters, and cracks can lead to water pooling against the foundation.

Check that your gutters are free of debris and cracks. Scoop out the gutters and then flush water through them with a hose. Most cracks are easy to repair with some waterproof sealant.

Check All Windows and Doors

Window and door seals break down over time, and if not treated, can allow moisture behind the walls. Check your weatherstripping or caulking around doors and windows. If you find places where your seals are deteriorating, recaulk them or apply new weatherstripping. While you’re at it, this is a great time to clean your windows.

Spring Home Maintenance for the AC Unit

With the hot summer months just around the corner, maintaining the AC unit should be a top priority on your spring home maintenance list. Bring a vacuum with you and get rid of any dust that has settled on your unit and in the coils. Check for any leaking hoses and make sure that your pan is draining correctly. Now is also a good time to change out your filter.

If you see anything concerning, don’t hesitate to call a professional. It is better to handle it now than run into a problem in July or August when you need that unit working properly. Schedule AC maintenance with a professional technician so that you’ll be in good shape all summer long.

Deck and Patio Maintenance

Winter can be tough on our outdoor spaces, especially if you live somewhere that gets snow. Use a pressure washer to remove dirt and any peeling paint before staining and refinishing the area. Check for loose or damaged boards and replace them now to keep your deck safe.

Spring Lawn Care

Another important item on your spring home maintenance list should be your lawn. Clean up any dead leaves, branches, and debris leftover from the cooler months. Trim any shrub or tree branches that are damaged or are too close to the house. Removing branches reduces the risk of damage to your home and encourages better growth for the whole plant.

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