As temperatures warm up and plants begin growing, most homeowners begin plan for spring lawn care. Your yard sets the tone for your home’s curb appeal. Here are 6 steps to care for your lawn and make it green and healthy.

Prep Your Equipment for Spring Lawn Care

First, do an inspection of your lawn care equipment to check for needed repairs. Give the mower a tune-up by changing the spark plugs, cleaning the carburetor, and sharpening the blades. If you use a trimmer, make sure it works and that you have plenty of trimmer line on hand.

Clear Winter Debris

Get a few garbage bags and walk along the lawn to remove debris that may have accumulated over the winter months like twigs, branches, paper, and plastic items laying around the yard. Remove these before they cause brown patches on your lawn.

Apply Herbicide to Slow Weed Growth

A pre-emergent herbicide will help to prevent your lawn from being taken over by weeds that often pop up after heavy spring rains. These herbicides prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating, which reduces the number of dandelions, crabgrass, and other weeds that may otherwise take over the lawn.

Fertilize for Nutrient-Rich Soil

Fertilizing in the spring provides nutrients for new grass. Choose a slow-release type of fertilizer that extends the feeding time to give the grass a healthy start. Consult with your local nursery to determine the best formula for lawns in your area.

Spring Lawn Care: Re-Seed or Sod Bare Spots

Take a close look at the lawn surface for bare spots and thin areas. Spring growth may not fill in these areas. Rake the surface of the soil to provide a good bed for re-seeding. Choose a quick-growing seed mixture that will fill in bare spots in a short time frame. For some grass types, you may want to add in pieces of sod to improve the lawn surface.

Give the Grass a Trim

Set your mower at the highest level to give your lawn a light trim off the top. Grass that is cut to a 3 to 4-inch level in the spring will grow stronger and will have better color. If you cut too short at this time, you’ll damage the tender new growth.

These tips for spring lawn care will help your lawn to grow strong and lush through the spring and summer rains. These simple actions give you a head start on lawn care for the warm months.

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