Everybody wants to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. As you decorate with string lights, candles, and greenery, you could be putting your family and home at risk. Here are some safety tips for holiday decorating to prevent injury and accidents while you are decorating.

Make Sure Your Decorations Aren’t Hazardous

The Consumer Products Safety Commission performs research on the potential hazards of products to help increase safety, and this includes holiday decorations. Check their website for recalls of products that you may be using to decorate your home. Only use string lights that are UL-certified. If hanging lights outside the home, make sure they are specifically designed for outdoor use.

Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating with a Ladder

You will likely be climbing on a ladder while you are decorating your home for the holidays. Ladders cause many injuries over the holiday season, so it is important to use caution. Place the ladder on hard, even ground. Have someone else around the house while you are on a ladder to spot you and in case you need help.

Candle Safety

Any open flame has the potential to start a house fire, so homeowners need to be very careful with candles. In fact, the safest way to use candles is to opt for battery-powered LED candles with an artificial flame. If you choose to stick with using real candles, get some candle holders that keep the flame contained and aren’t easy to tip over. Place them away from flammable items on a sturdy surface that’s safe from children and pets.

Holiday Tree Safety

If you decide to buy a real tree, it is important to keep the stand full of water. When an evergreen tree dries out, it becomes very flammable. Inspect the string lights you are using on the tree and make sure they don’t have frayed wires or broken bulbs. Keep the tree away from the fireplace and space heaters. If you choose an artificial tree, check that it is fire-resistant, but still keep it away from heat sources.

Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating with Plants

Common decorative plants for the holidays are often poisonous if ingested, including poinsettias and holly. If you choose to display these plants in your home, keep them well out of the reach of children and pets.

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