If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you are probably concerned about protecting your investment. One way to do this is with an 11th-month warranty inspection. This inspection will identify any problems that may arise during the first year in your new home. Here are a few reasons to order an inspection before your builder’s warranty expires.

What is an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection?

Many newly built homes will include a builder’s warranty. This warranty will cover issues in the house for the first year. As the homeowner, it’s important to verify systems and components of your new property are constructed well and working as intended. Before your warranty expires, order an 11th-month inspection.

Gain Peace of Mind About Your Property

An 11th-month warranty inspection ensures that your home is in good condition and free from any significant issues. Knowing that your home is structurally sound gives you peace of mind and helps you relax and enjoy it more fully. You will feel reassured about your investment if an inspection is performed and no problems are found.

Save Money with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Scheduling a warranty inspection can save you money in the long run by identifying minor problems before they become significant ones. Have these repairs addressed quickly to prevent larger, more costly repairs down the road. Plus, if any major defects are uncovered during the 11th-month inspection, the builder may be responsible for covering the cost of repair or replacement under the warranty agreement. As the homeowner, you won’t have to foot the bill for repairing your newly built home.

Stay Ahead of Problems

An 11th-month inspection detects any issues that have developed since the initial home inspection, such as mold or water damage. If any problems arose in the first year, this type of inspection is evidence when making repair requests with the builder.

The warranty inspection also helps protect your investment. You can keep small issues from becoming bigger, ensuring that your home remains safe for years. An experienced inspector will identify potential trouble spots and recommend how best to address them before they become serious and costly problems.

Prepare for a Future Sale

When purchasing a home, it is important to consider the long-term costs of ownership. An 11-month inspection will ensure you’re aware of any problems with your newly built house. When you prepare to sell the property, your buyer will order an inspection. As the homeowner, you’ll be responsible for problems, safety issues, and repairs before closing. Even if the issues were present from the original construction, you’d need to negotiate those problems with your buyer before closing.

An 11th-month warranty inspection is important in protecting your investment in a new home and keeping it in great shape for years to come. It gives homeowners peace of mind and can save money by helping them stay ahead of potential problems before they become serious. So if you’ve recently purchased a newly built home, schedule an 11th-month inspection before your builder’s warranty expires.

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