Structural problems in a home are worrisome for homeowners. Because they can lead to other concerns, it is important that you repair these issues as soon as possible. Even though these problems are fairly common, they aren’t always obvious. Here are a few signs of structural problems in a home so you’ll know when to call a professional.

Sign of Structural Problems: Doors Do Not Close

If doors or windows in your home are difficult to close or open, this can indicate a problem. When a home shifts on its foundation, this affects how the door or window fits into the frame. Frequently, this is due to clay soil. Clay soil expands with moisture and can cause shifting.

Broken Windows

If you discover a crack in the window glass that occurred on its own, you probably have a structural issue to blame. A house that shifts on its foundation puts stress on the windows, sometimes causing them to crack or shatter. Call a structural engineer to take a look and offer suggestions for repair.

Cracks in Walls Can be Signs of Structural Problems

When cracks appear in the interior or exterior walls of your home, call a professional to assess the situation. It is especially important to have cracks checked that appear in a stairstep formation. These are more likely to indicate the house has shifted. A structural inspection is necessary to determine if there is further damage.

Sloping Floor

A sloping floor may be due to the home shifting on its foundation or problems with the floor joists. If the floor supports become damaged by water or termites, you may notice a springy or slanted floor. As with any structural issue, call a professional to assess the situation. A structural expert will offer options for repairing your home and making it safe.

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