For tackling minor repairs and projects around the house, every homeowner needs a basic set of tools. With the right equipment, you’ll be better prepared to maintain your home. Here are 10 useful tools for homeowners that you’ll want to have on hand.


Hammers are handy tools for installing and removing nails. The curved claw on the tool allows you to easily pull nails from a surface. You’ll find several types of hammers at your local hardware store, but for starters, a basic claw hammer is best. Choose one with a good weight and a comfortable grip.

Flashlights are Useful Tools for Homeowners

Flashlights are a must-have for your family. They’re especially useful during a power outage or when you need work in a dimly lit space. Keep a flashlight on each floor of your home in case of an emergency situation. For hands-free light, purchase a headlamp.


A handsaw is a small, manually powered saw that is useful for trimming bushes and cutting lumber. This type of saw won’t be as quick and efficient as a powered table saw, but is enough for basic cutting.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a tool used to adjust and tighten. A wrench will come in handy for installing a new shower head or replacing a burst pipe.

Useful Tools for Homeowners: Utility Knives

Utility knives have sharp, replaceable blades and are useful for many purposes. Open a package, sharpen a pencil, cut wallpaper, and trim linoleum with your utility knife.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is used to measure the dimensions: height, length, and width of anything in your home. The only limit to a tape measure is the length of the tool you purchase. For everyday measurements around the home, purchase a tape measure that is between 12 and 25 feet.

Useful Tools for Homeowners Include a Set of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are designed to quickly tighten or loosen screws throughout the house. You may have a preference between a manual screwdriver and an electric version. Make sure you have a set of screwdrivers that includes different types and sizes of heads.

Duct Tape

Duct tape can temporarily repair many problems around the house. It is known for its durability, strength, and water resistance. Keep a roll of duct tape in your toolbox for quick fixes. You can patch a tarp, slow a leaking pipe, remove a splinter, temporarily repair a roofing shingle, and patch a hole in a window screen until you have time to make a proper repair.


Pliers are used for gripping, cutting, and bending. The unique design of a set of pliers works by multiplying your overall hand strength. You’ll find many types of pliers available. For use around the home, purchase a pair of needle-nose pliers and sturdy slip-joint pliers.

Bubble Level

A level is the ultimate tool to verify the shelving on the wall is straight and that the new deck you’re building is level. You’ll find many applications for a level around the house.

With these basic household tools, you will be ready to handle a number of tasks and repairs around the home.

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