Fire safety is a concern when you’re a homeowner. Faulty wiring or defects in the electrical system constitute all-too-common fire hazards. Recognizing the signs of electrical problems in the home could prove life-saving.

Electrical Fires: A Hazard for Homeowners

Every year, thousands of house fires occur in the United States. For example, during 2017, the United States Fire Administration reported 1,319,500 residential fires that caused 3,400 deaths and over 14,600 injuries. Fires ultimately cost property owners, the public, and insurance companies an estimated $23 billion that year.

Evidence of Possible Electrical Problems in the Home

Paying close attention to signs of electrical problems is important for protecting your home and property. Have you noticed any of these issues? If so, contact a licensed electrician to make repairs and for peace of mind.

Sparking or Smoking Outlets Indicate Electrical Problems in the Home

Electrical outlets should never emit sparks or smoke. If this happens, you may have a wiring problem. Wires subjected to surges of electricity become hot and may even melt, posing a significant fire hazard. Asking an electrician to inspect the outlet and repair the wiring eliminates a safety threat to your home.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Modern circuit breakers automatically shut off when a surge of electricity overloads a circuit. This safety measure helps prevent overheating and damage to devices and appliances. Circuit breakers trip when residents connect more appliances than a circuit can handle.

If this type of incident occurs often, it indicates the need for a wiring inspection. An electrician may need to re-wire existing circuits or increase the number of available circuits serving a particular area of the house. While sometimes expensive, this type of repair prevents overloads that can damage the home’s wiring.

Outlets that are Hot to the Touch

If electrical circuits become overloaded, the wires may overheat and melt. This problem may first reach a homeowner’s attention as an unusually hot or warm section of a wall around an electrical outlet. Request an electrician’s services promptly to correct this problem. Very hot electrical circuits pose a fire hazard.

Frequently Flickering Lights Indicate Electrical Problems in the Home

If the lights in a residence buzz or flicker, this indicates an electrical system malfunction. Additionally, unreliable lighting is inconvenient. Ask a licensed electrician to inspect the wiring and make any necessary repairs.

Electrical System Safety Matters

Homeowners who pay attention to signs of electrical problems can schedule repairs in a timely manner. Any of the above symptoms might indicate an electrical system issue that should be assessed by an electrician. Fix electrical problems as soon as possible to enjoy safer living spaces and reduce the chances of a house fire.

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