6 Tips to Repel Mosquitoes

One of the most common nuisances when spending time outdoors during the summer is warding off mosquitoes. These tiny pests can ruin an otherwise pleasant evening grilling out or lounging by the pool. Here are some ways that you can repel mosquitoes from your yard.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas of standing water. They breed near water and lay eggs there. If you’re battling mosquitoes this summer, check your yard for pots, buckets, or even children’s toys that might be holding water. If you have a water feature, like a pond or fountain, plant holy basil and mint around the water. The smell will help deter bugs.

Mosquito traps also work well around the water. For a natural trap, put out a small bowl of water mixed with some dish soap. The water will attract the mosquitoes and the soapy bubbles will trap them.

Keep the Porch Lights Off

Like other types of bugs and pests, mosquitoes are attracted to light. Keep the porch lights off to prevent them from hanging around and getting into the house each time you open the door. If you are spending time outside in the evenings, citronella torches or candles that repel mosquitoes will provide plenty of light.

Keep the Gutters Clean

When the guttering of your home becomes clogged, water can pool in the channels. This is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make a point to clean your gutters at the beginning of summer. If you are having problems with mosquitoes, check the gutters to make sure water is still flowing freely.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are a great item to add to the backyard if you plan on lounging on the patio or laying in a hammock. These nets are breathable and allow you to enjoy your surroundings, but the tiny holes in the mesh netting will keep bugs from getting through.

Use Candles and Torches to Repel Mosquitoes

When you’re spending time outdoors, light candles with mosquito-repelling scents to help keep the bugs away. Some essential oils repel bugs without releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Light torches that use insect-repellent fuel-oil. You can install these in your yard where family members will be spending time.

Try these methods for keeping mosquitoes away and you’ll enjoy your time outdoors with fewer pests.

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