Plan your landscape lighting to illuminate the best parts of your yard. You will create attractive outdoor living spaces, add value to your home, and boost curb appeal with better lighting. Here are some tips to brighten your property after dark.

Tips to Plan Your Landscape Lighting

Visualize the Space

What would your ideal landscape look like? Think about how you and your guests might enjoy the yard and make a list of ways you would ideally use the space.

You might enjoy evenings by the fire pit or cooking dinner on the grill. Perhaps the focal point of your yard is a bed of native perennials. Do you have a swimming pool or play area for the kids? Think about how you would like to light these spaces.

Plan Your Landscape Lighting: Make a Budget

Before you begin shopping for materials, determine the amount of money you can invest in the project. Write down the total dollar amount (to include labor and supplies) and make a commitment to stick to that number. Meeting your budget may require shopping around, but you can complete your project successfully, for less money, if you’re patient.

Set Aside Time

You may forget to consider the amount of time you can spend on a project. Decide on the most important parts of the landscaping and mark time on your calendar to complete those tasks.

Do you have areas you want to prioritize? Maybe you are planning a pool party and would like to have the lighting in this space completed by that date. Your plan may include tackling certain parts of the project one month and other aspects in the following months.

Shop for Supplies

Visit a home improvement store to check out the landscape lighting options. The first trip is only for browsing the store and making a wish list to determine what would work best on your property.

Make notes of prices and the types of lights you prefer. You will find seemingly endless options of string lights, deck post lighting, flood light fixtures and bulbs, and stake lights.

Create a Materials List to Plan Your Landscape Lighting

Decide what types of lighting will be installed in which areas of the yard. Will you hang string lights above the patio or add post lights to the backyard deck? You may want to install recessed lighting into each riser on the front steps.

Take measurements and make a sketch of lighting needs for each space. You’ll be able to use your measurements and drawing to determine how much of each type of light you’ll need.

Check Your Budget

Now that you know exactly how many lights you’ll need, take a look at the price list you made at the home improvement store and make sure the project is within your budget.

If not, shop around. Check other stores and look online for similar landscape lighting that will meet your needs. You may need to reduce the number of lights or redesign part of your lighting plan.

A solid plan makes it easier to tackle your lighting project. Take your time to shop around and revisit ideas about how to light outdoor spaces to stay within budget. Spend a little time and effort planning and you’ll make your project easier on yourself and your wallet.

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