Buying a home can come with uncertainty that you’re making a solid investment. Learn about the condition of the property, including any defects and safety issues, by hiring a professional home inspector. Here are a few reasons why buyers should order a home inspection.

What Will be Inspected?

Your inspector will thoroughly inspect all the major systems of the property and will produce a written report of the findings. Typically, a home inspection takes several hours to complete, depending on the size of the property. Every area of the home is examined including the foundation, carport or garage, walls, roofing, household appliances, plumbing, bathrooms, electrical system, water heater, and HVAC unit.

The report will list issues that are major problems, minor defects, and safety concerns. Your inspector can explain if items need to be replaced or if they can be repaired.

Protect Yourself With a Home Inspection

Buyers should order a home inspection to understand the home’s condition, however, the inspection can also provide legal protection.

Use the inspection to your advantage by placing it as a contingency in the contract. If the inspection reveals serious defects, this contingency allows you to legally get out of the deal.

Order an Inspection to Feel Confident in Your Investment

Your home inspector will provide information about the condition of the property and you’ll receive a report detailing the findings. Even though you’ll receive the inspector’s report, attend the inspection. Even a comprehensive report with excellent photos won’t make up for the experience of being there. You’ll learn a lot about the home and can ask questions for clarification. With this knowledge, you’ll understand issues with the home and can decide if you feel confident about the purchase.

Plan for the Future With a Home Inspection

After you close on the house, the information in your inspection report will still be useful. The report can help you create a budget and develop a plan for home repairs and improvements. By planning ahead for repairs, you’ll have time to save money and shop around for the best contractors. The inspection report will help you understand what to expect in your first years as a homeowner.

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