Moving is one of the most nerve-wracking undertakings for anyone, regardless of where you live. Depending on how many items you need to move, moving costs can run into the thousands, so many people are often looking for ways of moving on a budget.

Below are four ways to save on your moving costs.

Declutter, Sell, or Donate

Ask anyone who has moved before, and they’ll tell you that they didn’t need everything they brought along. Unfortunately, by the time the realization kicks in, you’ve already paid moving costs for stuff you no longer need.

Moving on a budget requires that you go through your belongings, sort out what you need, and find ways to get rid of what you don’t need. One of the best ways is to declutter and give away everything you no longer want. You won’t make money on the items, but you also won’t be paying to move them. Donate items in good condition to your local shelter, Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other charity that will take what you have to give.

Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale to help you raise some money you can put towards moving costs.

Moving on a Budget: Shop Around for Movers

It’s essential for those moving on a budget to shop around before settling on a specific moving company. Get quotes from a minimum of 3 movers and compare to get the best prices.

When shopping around, find out what services are included in your moving costs. Will the team pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings at the new place? Will they provide moving boxes, or will that be an additional cost?

It’s essential that you get answers to all these questions before settling on a moving company.

Moving on a Budget: Move During the Slower Season

Some times of the year are more popular for moving to a new home. Typically, most people move during warmer seasons, with a peak in summer. Movers take advantage of the high demand for their services to charge a premium.

On the other hand, moving in winter typically costs 30% less as the demand for moving services decreases. If you’re looking for ways of moving on a budget, schedule your move to coincide with the less busy period between October and April.

Get Free Moving Boxes When Moving on a Budget

Boxes are essential for packing your belongings during a move. Most movers will charge you a significant amount to use theirs. Fortunately, you can acquire free moving boxes from local businesses.

For instance, visit your local liquor store and request to take liquor boxes off their hands. Boxes strong enough to hold glass bottles of whiskey, vodka, and rum will easily keep your belongings. They’re especially great for moving glasses and other fragile items since many come with dividers.

Similarly, ask friends who have recently moved to share their boxes or check at a local furniture or electronics store. Ask around on Nextdoor or Facebook for moving boxes; you will likely find someone who’s ready to get rid of some after a move. You may find enough boxes to pack all your belongings without spending a dime.

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