Many seniors don’t want to live in a retirement home. Instead, they want to stay at home where they feel comfortable and the place is familiar. However, you may be worried about the safety of the home. Seniors are prone to falls and accidents can happen more frequently. So, you need to take measures to protect your loved ones from any risks. Here are some effective tips to make your home safe for seniors.

Prevent Poisoning to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Install a carbon monoxide detector in all the rooms and hallways of the home. Sometimes people leave the stove, oven, or grill on by accident which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to test the detectors frequently and change the batteries.

One of the most common causes of poisoning for elderly people is medication mix-up. If they are taking different medications it can be easy to confuse medicines. Put all the medications in individual containers and place large-print labels so they are easier to read. Encourage your family member to use glasses and read the medication twice to make sure there is no confusion. Pill organizers are also beneficial in remembering when and how to take medication.

Another effective tip to make the home safe for seniors and prevent poisoning is to clearly label any cleaning products.

Prevent Tripping Hazards

Making a home safe for seniors includes removing all tripping hazards. If your loved one has fallen before or has a condition that makes them more prone to falling, there are alarms that they can wear. In the case of a fall, they can push a button and call for emergency services. Wearing non-slip footwear and clearing away clutter will also help prevent falls and injuries.

Safe Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the riskiest places for seniors. Slipping often occurs in the shower, so place rubber mats there. Adjust the water heater to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit so it won’t cause burns. Install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet. They provide solid support.  There are also grab bars that you can install around the toilet to reduce the effort required to sit and stand. Install a hand-held shower head because it is easier to use.

Protect Against Fire Hazards to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Fire safety is essential to make the home safe for seniors. Encourage your loved ones to never leave the kitchen when cooking. Install smoke alarms in all the bedrooms and test them every month. If the senior has problems hearing or seeing the alarm, then connect it to a monitoring system using smart technology.

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