When summertime hits, it’s only natural to want to spend time outdoors. Make sure your outdoor space looks its best when hosting gatherings at your home. Put these ideas to use on your deck or patio this summer. 

Deck and Patio Ideas Using Shade

One way to help fight the heat is to add shading features to your deck and patio to help make it more comfortable. Invest in a shade sail or even get a few patio umbrellas to help provide shade on those hot summer days. Planting greenery can even help provide shade, whether it’s large potted plants or trees. An awning for the deck or patio is another great way to shade the space. 

Add Lighting to Your Deck and Patio

Adding lighting to your deck and patio provides a great ambiance when entertaining during the summer. Hang string lights or solar lanterns to create a great outdoor atmosphere for you and your guests after dark. There are hundreds of different options that can be found both online and at your local hardware store.

Privacy Deck and Patio Ideas

If you have a home close to your neighbors, make your deck and patio more private. Add outdoor curtains to provide privacy and style, or even a privacy wall or fence. Planting trees and other plants in your yard also provides some privacy and shade to your home.

Outdoor Kitchen Area

Everyone loves outdoor grilling in the summer. Turn your space into an outdoor kitchen. Adding a grill, setting up a bar space, and providing a relaxing seating area allow you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor living space and eat great food.

These are a few of many ideas to make your outdoor living spaces more fun and comfortable for you and your guests. Use these ideas to make your patio or deck more versatile and attractive.

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