In most real estate transactions, the buyer will request a home inspection before signing the closing paperwork. In some cases, the offer from the buyer is contingent on a favorable inspection report. No seller wants to discover unexpected issues. Removing this uncertainty is one of the many benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

1. Less Doubt and Worry

You believe your home is in great condition, but you may still worry that the buyer’s home inspection will reveal some unexpected problems. Be prepared by ordering an inspection before you list the home on the market. If the inspection comes back with problems, you can address any issues before they affect the sale of your property.

2. One of the Benefits of a Pre-listing Inspection is That it Allows Time for Repairs

This is one of the greatest benefits of a pre-listing inspection. With the report in hand, you can address repairs on your own terms instead of the buyer deciding how the repair is made and who completes the work. You can save money by shopping around for contractors or by making the repairs yourself. You can also opt to let the buyer address issues after the sale, and price the home accordingly.

3. Makes the Agent’s Job Easier

A clean home inspection report is a marketing tool for your real estate agent. Even if you had to make repairs, you can have the property re-inspected and present a new report detailing a house in good condition.

4. A Pre-Listing Inspection Reduces Buyer Negotiations

The home inspection is the number one tool used by buyers to try and renegotiate the offer. With a pre-listing inspection, you take that bargaining chip off the table. A pre-listing inspection reduces the likelihood of buyer negotiations.

5. Helps Determine the Home’s Price

Setting the sale price of your home is one of the most important parts of the sale process. Go too high and buyers won’t be interested. Pricing it under market value means you are selling yourself short. Knowing the condition of your home helps you and your agent price the home appropriately.

6. Saves the Seller Money

If the buyer comes back to renegotiate the offer based on the home inspection, it’s going to cost the seller money. The buyer’s estimates for repair may be inflated and end up costing the seller more than if the repairs were made before the home went on the market.

7. A Smoother Sale

A smooth, easy transaction is another of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection. By eliminating potential surprises of a home inspection and reducing the chances of renegotiating, the sale will be more manageable for everyone. The transaction can be completed in a timely fashion so everyone can move on to the next phase.

8. A Pre-listing Inspection Makes the Seller Seem More Trustworthy

Home buyers often question whether the seller is disclosing everything. Are there major problems that aren’t being revealed? With a pre-listing inspection report, the buyer sees the seller as more trustworthy. Buyer’s confidence during the sale helps ensure the process is straightforward and painless.

If your plan is to sell your home in the near future, order an inspection soon. You will be a well-informed seller who can experience the benefits of a pre-listing inspection for yourself.

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